Fidonet Region 14

Welcome to the FidoNet Region 14 home page! Region 14 is a FidoNet region in zone 1 covering the midwest area of the United States. Region 14 includes the states of Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota


Region 14 Map



FidoNet (TM) is an amateur electronic mail network that contained nearly 40,000 mail nodes world wide at it's peak in popularity. Most mail nodes are publicly accessible Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's), some of which have hundreds of members. Before Internet access became commonplace, FidoNet probably rivalled some of the better known commercial services in terms of the number of people who used it. Now, due to the popularity to the Internet it is attempting to adapt to the new technologies and a number of FidoNet systems are now also web servers, news servers, and generally accessible over the Internet in some fashion. Although some BBS's still support POTS (Dialup) access, the majority now only support Internet protocols.